About Us

Rumdo Institute of Modern Technology (RIMT), is a prestigious institution approved by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Operating under the semester system and following prescribed rules for examinations and curriculum, RIMT aims to provide hands-on practical education to students, particularly those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in Greater Mymensingh and across Bangladesh.

Situated in the heart of Mymensingh city, RIMT boasts three modern campuses spanning 35,000 square feet. With an enrollment of 2000 students, supported by 60 full-time teachers and 105 officers and employees, the institute prioritizes quality education and student success. Through the dedication of its skilled faculty, RIMT students consistently excel in examinations conducted by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board.

RIMT’s overarching goal is to produce skilled healthcare workers and engineers, contributing to the country’s development while addressing unemployment. By educating and empowering students, RIMT envisions a future where its graduates not only serve their communities but also contribute to the nation’s prosperity, potentially through the export of their expertise abroad.
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