Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Program Objective

Since the discovery of electricity by scientist Volta, the journey of modern civilization esMechanical technology refers to machine technique. Again machinery means any machine or with the help of which any vehicle is operated. All the production oriented factories are being run with the help of machines. Mechanical engineering has been the holder of modern developments since the dawn of human civilization. A competent mechanical engineer is created through theoretical and practical classes as all the practical materials in this institution are sufficient in this technology. There are golden opportunities for self-employment and higher education along with jobs in government, private, autonomous institutions and various industries. Students of this department, located in an academic environment, develop as skilled engineers under the careful care of dedicated teachers.sentially began. Life without electricity is stagnant and the world remains inert without Electrical Technology. Our agriculture-dependent and industrial-based economy is now fully reliant on electricity. From heavy industries to small cottage industries and rural agricultural tools, everything is still controlled by electricity. To sustain the current civilization with all modern tools, the entire field of Medical Science, including all its instruments, is powered by electricity. All tools of civilization are meaningless without Electrical Technology. Therefore, it can be said that the importance of electricity in civilization is unparalleled and its significance will endure indefinitely. As a result, the demand for Electrical Technology is steadily increasing.

Course Duration and Assessment

This four-year diploma program in engineering disciplines aims to produce competent mid-level managers and supervisors who can carry out engineering projects. Students may enroll in this course provided they have a certificate of SSC passing. Under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), the curriculum and academic activities of this course are governed.

Career of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design power-producing machines, such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines, as well as power-using machines, such as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Mechanical engineers design other machines inside buildings, such as elevators and escalators. A student studying for four years Diploma in Engineering. 1. Powerplants. 2. Mills. 3. Gasfield. 4. Shipbuilding industry. 5. Petroleum products (lube oil, petrol, diesel). 6. In utility and maintenance department of any industry. 7. Automobile. 8. In various cement industries. 9. Fertilizer factory. 10. Railways. 11. Airplane. 12. Renewable energy. 13. In generator/captive power etc.

Eligibility for Admission

• Minimum GPA of 2.00 and minimum SSC equivalent in any discipline.
• Science HSC students can enroll directly in the third semester.
• Vocational HSC students can enroll directly in the fourth semester.

Admission Requirements

• 3 copies of PP size photos
• Main copy of the SSC transcript
• In addition to the correctly completed admissions form

Lab facilities

  • Materials Lab
  • Geotechnical Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Construction Lab
  • Surveying Lab



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